The last place tithes are mentioned in the Bible, Hebrews 7, they are still agricultural and still the property of the sons of Levi.. There is not one Scripture preachers can point to that says God ever changed them to money.

In Acts 15, the Jerusalem religious leaders called for a meeting which we today call the “Jerusalem Council” At least three of the Lord’s Apostles were present at this meeting, possibly more or even all of them.

In this meeting, the religious leaders demanded that the new Gentile converts to the Church be circumcised AND that they keep the Law of Moses.

The Apostle Peter was the first to address this issue. He gave the council a wise and sound sermon, reminding them that they were trying to put a yoke upon the Gentiles that neither them, nor their fathers before them, were able to bear. He told them by demanding the Gentiles keep the Law of Moses, they were tempting God.

James affirmed this admonishment that Peter delivered and said further that “it seemeth good to the Holy Ghost and to us that no greater burden be laid upon the Gentiles than these necessary things…” The four ‘necessary things’ James named did not include a monetary tithe.’

Pro-tithing pastors must believe their wisdom is greater than the Apostles and their instruction more important than that of the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost did not name tithing as a ‘necessary thing,’ what makes some people think they know better than the Holy Ghost?

The wisdom of this world is foolishness with God.

“Silence speaks volumes.” The proof that I have that tithes is not necessary is the determination by the Holy Ghost and the very fact that for the remainder of the first century A.D., there is not one mention in any of the epistles that amends the list of necessary things to instruct the Church leadership to receive monetary tithes from their congregation… not one! Silence speaks volumes.

Surely, if tithes were to be received of the congregations the epistles would have said so. One would think at least the pastoral Epistles of 1&2 Timothy and Titus which set down many of the guidelines of how a Church is to operate would make provision for a tithe. They do not.

The decision of the Holy Ghost in Acts 15, and the subsequent silence speak volumes.