Proverbs 19:27 Cease, my son, to hear the instruction that causeth to err from the words of knowledge.

These words were spoken by the wise king Solomon nearly 2200 years ago and if Solomon were alive today, no doubt we would hear him repeat this instruction to the New Testament Church.  

While much of what is preached and taught in today’s Church is from the Word of God, (words of knowledge) there are some doctrines espoused by the Church are found nowhere in the Word of God.  One such doctrine is the doctrine of the monetary tithe.

A careful study of the Word of God, (which all believers are instructed to do in Paul’s first epistle to the Evangelist Timothy) reveals that tithes were required of the farmers and herders who were natural descendants of the patriarch Jacob.  What they were required to tithe were crops and fruit grown in their gardens and orchards and flocks and herds.  They never tithed money.  

If the monetary tithe were something that God required of the Church, surely the instruction to tithe one’s money would have been in the New Testament…. especially in the epistle to Titus or one of the epistles written to Timothy.  These three books of the Bible contain specific instructions to the Church leadership on how to operate the Church in such a manner that is pleasing to God.  There is, however, no mention of a required tithe, either monetary or of crops, flocks and herds whatsoever.

So, if the Word of God doesn’t teach a monetary tithe, why does the Church teach one?  Because they have erred from the words of knowledge.  They have abandoned that which is known for a doctrine that was fabricated by man’s design.  

They teach for doctrines the commands of men when they teach a monetary tithe.  God is not in such teachings.  Oh, they may say that God requires this monetary tithe, but they have no biblical proof whatsoever to support their claim.  They pull Old Testament commands to the Israelites out of their context and apply them to the New Testament Church.  When they do, they err from the words of knowledge just as Solomon’s son had done so many centuries ago.

Pastors, cease from erring from the Word of knowledge.  Preach what is written in God’s Holy Word instead of the man-made doctrine of a monetary tithe.  Congregant, cease from erring from the Word of God.  Study the Word of God and walk according to the instruction given to the New Testament Church.  Leave the man-made doctrines and seek God’s will in His Holy Word.