Pastor, Can I Help You Pack?

by Ronald W. Robey

Pastor, can I help you pack?

I know how much you want to be found in God’s perfect will, so Pastor, can I help you pack?

What??? You wasn’t planning on moving anywhere anytime soon?

But, don’t you want to be in God’s will?

You do? Good! Can I help you pack?

What? Why do you need to pack? Well Pastor, make up your mind… Do you want to be in God’s will, or not?

You say again that you do. Good! Please, Pastor, let me help you pack. Because I want you to be in God’s will too.

You still don’t understand? Well, Pastor, let me explain.

You are a minister of God, are you not? Yes, that certificate on the wall looks good. I’ll be careful to wrap it good while I help you pack.

Oh, yes, it will have to come down. You don’t want to leave your ministerial credentials behind, do you? Of course not.

Did you not say in your sermon yesterday morning that the ministers of God are to receive tithes of the congregation?

Yes, that’s right. You used Numbers 18 as the text.

Well, Pastor, according to that same book, the ministers of God who receive the tithes are to live in forty-eight cities in Israel.

We sure are going to miss you, but we know that you want to be in God’s will. And we sure don’t want to stand between you and God’s will.

So Pastor, we are willing to make that sacrifice and let you go.

And just think, you will be able to keep ninety percent of the tithes you take for yourself. Just be sure to take the other ten percent to the Temple as God commanded. You’ll be good to go… Hopefully, they’ll have that built for you.

Okay, let’s stop talking. We’ve got a lot of packing to do if you want to be in God’s will.

Pastor, let me help you pack.