You’ve Been Hornswoggled!
by Ronald W Robey

Pastors and Televangelist’s alike will often use the “You were not wise with the other 90%” card when a faithful tither questions them as to why God has not blessed them.

The thing is, nowhere in the Word of God is there a disclaimer that one must be faithful with 90% in order to receive the promised abundant blessing attached to God’s holy tithe.
Preacher’s and Televangelist’s do not want their audiences to know that fact. God said in Malachi, “Tithe… and I will…,” not “Tithe, be wise in the other 90%, and I will…”.
The Word of God will expose the charlatan’s for what they are, if only the people of the congregations/audiences will only open their eyes to the manipulative tactics being fed them.
If you are a faithful tither, and have never seen the abundant blessing that God said the tither would not have room enough to receive, there is a reason… His tithe was for ancient Israel, not for you. Your pastors and teachers have deceived you into foolishly giving them 10% of your money when that was not God’s will at all.