The Rescinded Tithe

by Ronald W Robey


Many tithe-teachers and their followers often claim that tithing began before the Mosaic Law, continued in the Mosaic Law, and continues to this day.

It is my belief that the tithe has been rescinded, and I believe the Scripture supports my belief.  in Acts 15, in the account relating the order of meeting in AD 51 at the Jerusalem Council, and the fact that tithes was not in the list of “necessary things” tells me that the Holy Ghost did not see tithes as being something that was “necessary” for the Gentile Believers to observe.

The word “rescind” means, “to revoke; to cancel; to repeal”. Since God determined tithing to be necessary under the Law, and the Holy Spirit did not see it as necessary under the New Covenant, I would have to say it was repealed; i.e., rescinded.  That, and then the complete lack of instruction to tithe in any of the Epistles would more than suggest that tithes were, without a doubt, rescinded.

We further read in Ephesians 2:14-15 that the handwriting of ordinances, (the Mosaic Law) was abolished by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

Abolished!  Cancelled!  Rescinded.  The command to tithe was rescinded at the cross.  The Holy Spirit re-affirmed that there is no command to tithe twenty-two years later at the Jerusalem Council.  The Apostle James reiterated the fact that tithing was not a necessary thing in AD 59,… eight years after the Jerusalem Council.

Pastors and lay-pastors alike would do well to leave the tithe command where God left it,… at the cross of Christ, and begin teaching giving out of a heart of love.