What’s Wrong With Our Churches?
by Ronald W Robey

Sadly, we have in our churches today, preachers who preach opinion rather than what the Word of God says. And many in our congregations, because they don’t study the Word except through the tainted lenses of man-made religion, fall prey to the deception and manipulation they hear week in and week out.

Many women are made to believe that unless you wear a dress, never cut your hair, etc., you are not walking in holiness, or you are not displaying modesty.

It is this type of Pharisaical, judgmental condemnation that causes many a young lady that needs to hear the Gospel to turn a deaf ear to it instead. There are many who believe that a dress on a woman shows that the woman is a Christian. This is pure foolish thinking, and reveals that they do not even know what a true Christian is. Such thinking reminds me of the self-righteous Pharisee in the Parable of Luke 18, who pointed a condemning finger at one who didn’t meet his standards. He thought he was right in God’s eyes. Yet, his heart was deceitful and desperately wicked. Many, like he, think outward appearance and actions prove their right-standing with God. Yet, while the outside of the cup is clean, the inside is full of abominable pride and hatred.

Many men of the churches are no better. They too, show little or no concern when error is taught from the pulpit. We have men in the pews who have professed Christ for decades who know so little Scripture that they couldn’t spot false doctrine if their lives depended on it. And so, they are often led into error by the hirelings they choose to lead them.

What’s wrong with our churches? Deceitful leaders, led by tradition rather than by truth; and laity on a kindergarten level, because they have not been taught how to study properly so that they can discern error.