Voice #1: This is the Operator. How may I direct your call?

Voice #2: Yes Operator, I am Gaius, of the New Covenant Assembly at Ephesus. Can you connect me to The Abrahamic Tithe, please?

Voice #1: I’m sorry Sir, that line has been disconnected.

Voice #2: Disconnected?? It can’t be! Someone told me just this morning that I needed to get in touch with Abrahamic Tithe.

Voice #1: I truly am sorry Sir, but Abrahamic Tithe permanently went out of business when Mosaic Law Office opened its doors.

Voice #2: Well, can you patch me through to Mosaic Law Office then? I have to get some answers.

Voice #1: Again Sir, I am truly sorry. The Mosaic Law office number is also defunct. The management were not able to abide by the law of the land, and they were forced to shut down operations years ago by a third party.

Voice #2: Don’t tell me, the third party is no longer in business! Is there anybody I can speak to?

Voice #1: Oh, no Sir! He is still very much in business. His name is Jesus Christ. I cannot connect you though. You will have to find Him in the Directory, the Holy Bible. It will give you instructions on how to reach Him anytime, day or night. If you do not have the Directory, we can send you one free of charge. But, I am afraid you will find He runs things much differently than Abrahamic Tithe and Mosaic Law Office did.