Who Is Authorized To Take Tithes?
by Ronald W. Robey

Many pro-tithe proponents argue that tithes are still required today. This begs the question…

…if the monetary tithe requirement teacher is correct, who is it that is authorized to take tithes?

In the Bible, the very last commandment concerning tithes is found in Hebrews 7:5-8. It clearly states the command to take tithes was given to the sons of Levi.

Had God wanted the called-out assembly, the ekklesia to tithe, the Apostle Paul sure missed the chance to inform his readers of such a requirement in that passage. Paul didn’t say that the Pastor has a command to take tithes of the congregation. Paul didn’t say that the Elder has a command to take tithes of the Body of Believers. Nor did Paul say that Bishops have a command to take tithes of the called-out assembly.

And for good reason…

…because the command to tithe, the command to take tithes, was given to Israel, (Lev. 27:30-34; Ps. 147:19-20; Nu. 18:24-26; He. 7:5-8) not to the New Testament Church. (Acts 15:24,28-29; 21:23-25)

The Apostles and the Holy Ghost determined at the Jerusalem Council that Gentile Converts were not to be required to keep the Mosaic Law. The tithe command was part of the Mosaic Law.

Had Paul told Pastors/Elders/Bishops to take tithes of the Body of Believers in their respective assemblies, Paul would have been speaking and instructing in direct opposition to the decision made by the rest of the Apostles and by the Holy Ghost concerning the Gentile Converts and the Mosaic Law.

If it is true that tithes are required today, the tithes must be taken by those that the Bible says have the legal right to take tithes,…bloodline descendants of Levi.

To insist that anyone else has that authority, one has to deny what is clearly written in the Bible for all to see.