“The Bible says, “A tithe of everything…belongs to the Lord.” Get your thinking straight on this issue! In God’s eyes 10 percent of your income is “dedicated funds,” to be used for one thing only—His purposes on the earth. And tithing isn’t how the church raises its budget; it’s how God raises His children. We distort God’s Word when we teach tithing as a means of getting money to pay off church debt, or as a substitute for other worn-out methods of fundraising, or as a cure-all for the church’s financial shortfalls. The Bible says, “Son (daughter)…give me thine heart” (Pr 23:26). When God has your heart’s deepest affection you’ll give gladly, not grudgingly. The first man in Scripture to tithe was Abraham. Why did he do it? Gratitude, because God had delivered him from the hand of an enemy who was out to destroy him. .” – Jentezen Franklin; Free Chapel

There is so much wrong with the above quote by Pastor Jentezen Franklin.

1. Like many pastors, Jentezen only quotes part of the verse (Leviticus 27:30 on his blog. He conveniently leaves out that that verse (in his NIV) states that the required tithe is grain and fruit,… not “everything”.

2. Jentezen faills to take his readers to verse 34 of the same chapter which clearly states that the commands were given to a specific people, i.e.; the children of Israel.

3. Jentezen fails to tell his readers that Deuteronomy 6:1-3 & 12:1,10-11 show that God’s holy tithe was restricted to a specific location, e.g.; the Promised Land.

4. Jentezen claims that “in God’s eyes 10% of your income is “dedicated funds.” This, of course, is a doctrine that is not supported by the word of God. In every instance where we see the contents of God’s holy tithe described, we see that it is described as being agricultural increase, not monetary income.”

Further, as already pointed out, Leviticus 27:34 clearly states that the tithe command was given to the children of Israel. Acts 15:19-20 reveal to us that the commands given to Israel were not to be given to the New Testament Church.
5. Jentezen claims that Abraham gave tithes because God had “delivered him out of the hand of the enemy who was out to destroy him.” Yet, the Bible text paints a different scenario altogether.

Abram was not in the hand of the enemy. Nor was the enemy out to destroy him at that time. The Bible tells us that Lot was in danger of the enemy, not Abraham. The enemy attacked the town of Sodom, (where Lot lived) not the town of Mamre. (where Abram lived)

Jentezen stated that many churches distort God’s tithe, when he himself is guilty of the same. Not only does he distort God’s tithe, (changing it from agricultural to monetary) but he also distorts the word of God by claiming that Abraham was “in the hand of the enemy who was out to destroy him”.

He distorts the word of God by stating that, “in God’s eyes 10% of your income is “dedicated funds.”

Saints, it is imperative that you study your Bibles. Don’t just believe every word spoken from the pulpit. Dig in the word. Be as the Bereans of the first century AD, who, upon hearing the Apostles speak, began to search the Scriptures to make sure what was being said was in accordance to what was written.

So many today are in a time of famine today. Not a famine for food or drink; but a famine for the hearing of the word of God.

Pastors are voted in position by a people wanting a leader. Sadly, these pastors who teach such doctrines as, “in God’s eyes 10% of your income is “dedicated funds,” are leading their congregations away from the truth, not into it.