Why the Deafening Silence?
by Ronald W Robey

If the Christian is supposed to tithe, the Apostle Peter sure missed his chance to tell the Believers in the early Church in Acts chapters 2&4 that they were supposed to tithe the proceeds from their sales to the Church.

If the Christian is required to tithe, the Apostle Paul sure missed the chance to tell the many churches he wrote to in his missionary journeys that the congregation was to give ten percent of their monetary income to the Church they attended. Not even in the Pastoral Epistles, which detail much of how the saint is to behave in the Church of God, is there even a hint of anyone being told to tithe.

Even in Hebrews 7, the last chapter where tithing is mentioned, the Apostle missed the chance to say that the church has a command to take tithes of its members. Instead, he states that the sons of Levi have the command to take tithes,… and that the tithes were to be taken “according to the Law.”

The Law states that God’s required tithe is to be agricultural, not monetary. (Leviticus 27:30-33)

If the Christian is requried to tithe, why the deafening silence in the New Testament post-crucifixion epistles?