Who is God to You?
by Ronald W Robey
Those who believe that the Bible commands them to tithe should at least have the decency and respect for God’s word to tithe in the manner that God said His holy tithe is to be observed.
a) agricultural increase, not monetary income. Lev. 27:30-33
b) taken to Levites in farming communities, not to the House of God. (unless you are a Levite, in which place your tithe is to go to the House of God) Num. 18:24-26; Deut. 14:27; Neh. 10:37-38
c) must cross the Jordan River and enter Canaan before beginning to tithe. Deut. 12:1,10-11
d) must give the tithe to Levites widows, orphans and foreigners every three years. Deut. 14:28-29; Deut. 26:12
If you don’t want to tithe what God said in His word to tithe; if you don’t want to give the tithe to whom God’s word says His tithe is to go to; if you don’t want to tithe where God said His tithe is to be observed,…
1. Don’t say you are obedient to God’s command to tithe!
2. Don’t try to teach others to imitate your act of rebellion!.
Don’t offend God by calling money tithe, when He never endorsed, nor authorized money to be tithed in his word. To say that tithe is monetary income when God said tithe is agricultural increase is to call the word of God a lie and the God of the word a liar.