Skeptical of Tithing Testimonies
by Ronald W Robey

One thing I would encourage the saved of God to do,…
Research tithing testimonies. You will find that there are many who tithe who never get above poverty level. Many lose their jobs. Many remain in poor health.
My point is, God is not a respecter of persons. He is not going to bless one person for tithing and turn His back on the other who is also tithing.
For this reason I am skeptical about the many that testify that they are blessed financially or have perfect health because they tithe.
I am reminded of the account of the devil tempting Jesus in the wilderness. The Bible tells us in Matthew 4 that Jesus was shown great riches and magnificent cities by the devil. The devil promised all these to Jesus if Jesus would bow down and worship him.
Since the monetary tithe requirement doctrine is not in the word of God at all, I have to wonder if it is the enemy rewarding people for bowing to his monetary tithe requirement lie?
Why would God bless someone who is placing themselves back under the Mosaic Law, yet not obeying the Law they have placed themselves under?
The only commanded tithes in the Bible are agricultural in their content,… not monetary. How can one say one is obeying God in the tithe, yet be giving a tenth of ones monetary income instead of the tenth of agricultural crops as God commanded?
Again, God is not a respecter of persons. So, why would He bless one for tithing and not the other who is also tithing?