A ten percent monetary tithe requirement is preached in many.religious institutions today. However, God’s word is Truth and it demonstrates that giving should be voluntarily and of our own free will, (Acts 2:44-45; 2 Corinthians 9:7) not as others dictate or preach.
Ten percent for many, may be comparable to going to their house and removing a coffee table from their living room. However, for those of us who live below poverty level, ten percent is comparable to going to their home and removing the entire living room suite of furniture.
A tithe of ten percent of monetary income affects the poor more than people realize. The cost of food has gone up more than the cost of living adjustment made to the social security disability income that many survive on from month to month,..
There are many that the low increase in income and the higher cost of living cause them to struggle greatly. For these people, a ten percent tithe requirement is nothing short of oppression.
Malachi 3:5 states that the day is coming when God will come nigh in judgment against the oppressors of the poor. Pastors of the monetary tithe requirement will all one day stand before an holy God and have nothing to say in their defense of their unjust oppressive doctrine of a monetary tithe requirement.
God’s holy tithe was required of the children of Israel due to a vow made by the Patriarch Jacob. It was never required of people living outside the boundaries Canaan.