Freedom From Chains of False Doctrine
by Ronald W Robey

When a circus is not putting on a show for the public, the animal trainer puts a chain on one of the rear legs on each of the elephants to keep them from running loose and causing major damage.
The chain can easily be broken by the elephant. Yet, because the elephant has been wearing the chain since its youth, the elephant is conditioned to believe that the chain is stronger than he is.
In many religious institutions today, the members of congregations wear chains. Their pastors placed these chains on them when they were seen as “babes in Christ.”
False doctrines are chains to the Christian. If the Christian accepts these chains, it will be next to impossible for him to break free of the chains.
People who wear these chains of false doctrine often refuse to see Scripture as it is written. Religion has blinded them and conditioned them to believe a lie.
These people are like circus elephants. They can break free of the false doctrine that holds them in bondage, yet they are crippled by the thoughts that their chains of deceit are stronger and more sure than the word of God.
Those who are held in chains by false doctrine can never advance in the Kingdom of God until they determine in their heats to believe the Scriptures as they are written.
The doctrine of a monetary tithe requirement is a chain that people need freedom from. It hinders the work of the Spirit in the lives of many churchgoers. It hinders many from not giving enough. It hinders many from giving altogether.
In the Bible, we read how the Apostle Paul, caught up in false doctrine, wreaked havoc with the Church of God.  Once he broke free from the false doctrines, he no longer wreaked havoc with the Church of God.  Instead, he wreaked havoc with the teachers of false doctrine and their institutions.  Paul’s newly found freedom in Christ compelled him to discredit false teachers and to preach against false doctrines.
Since I broke free from the monetary tithe requirement chain, I too have been compelled to discredit false teachers and to preach against false doctrines.  I am able to minister more boldly.

Often, just as an elephant allowed free roam causes damage, I too cause damage.

However, the damage I cause is not to God’s work. Rather, it is damage to satan’s devices.

I am happy to say that many who have read my articles have been set free from the tithe lie.

They no longer support the lie. And because they no longer support the lie, they are able to help others who are in need; where they previously did not have the means to help others.
I praise God for that! God would rather we give money to the poor than to put the money in a religious institution that lies to its members in order to garner money. God is not in such an institution.
God’s Church is built on the truths spoken by the Apostles and Prophets. It is not built on lies fabricated by wicked men. Open your Bibles today and glean from the pages truths your pastor won’t ever tell you.
God wants to free you from false doctrine. He can only do that when you study and believe His word.