Many have claimed that John Davison Rockefeller tithed his very first earnings and continued tithing faithfully throughout his entire life. And yet, Mr. Rockefeller’s Ledger published by himself in 1897 tells an entirely different story altogether.
Rockefeller’s first year of earnings, ( from August 27, 1855 to January 1, 1856) he earned a total of fifty dollars.  Of that fifty dollars, he paid his washerwoman and paid his rent to the lady he boarded with, purchased some “cheap clothes” for six dollars nine cents, and began putting a penny in the Sunday School Plate every Sunday.

A penny a week for seventeen weeks equals seventeen cents, given out of the fifty dollars.  A far cry short of five dollars, which is ten percent of fifty dollars.

The next year, (1856) according to his Ledger, Rockefeller received a raise in his salary and earned three hundred dollars. With the raise, he made a raise in the Sunday School Plate. He gave a dime a week instead of a penny.
Ten cents a week for fifty-two weeks.  That adds up to five dollars twenty cents.  Again, a far cry short of being twn cents out of every dollar.
Rockefeller spoke about his first few years earnings at the Young Men’s Bible Study Class at Fifth Avenue Baptist Church in 1897. Not once in his message to those young men did he say that he ever tithed his money to the Church. Nor did he tell the young men that they could be tithing their money to the Church either.
You can read Mr Rockefeller’s message published by himself in 1897 at