Fleecing the Flock? or Crutching?
by Ronald W Robey

Many people say that a Pastor is “fleecing the flock” when he takes monetary tithes of them.

Wayne, a sheep rancher who doesn’t believe the monetary tithe requirement lie, once informed me that “fleecing” is not what is taking place when the pastor takes monetary “tithes” of his congregation.
When only a small percentage of wool is taken from the sheep, (usually around the tail and between the legs, although sometimes from the head) it is called “crutching”. “Fleecing” is the act of shearing the sheep from head to hoof.
When a Pastor takes tithes of his congregation, it is the equivalent of “crutching,” taking a percentage of their money.  Of course, many pastors do “fleece” their flocks with three, four, five, and even six offerings collected above the “tithe”.