Debunking the “Eternal Moral Principle” Myth
by Ronald W Robey
Many Pastors claim that tithing is a “eternal principle”. Not one of those Pastors can answer the question as to why neither the Patriarchs; nor the Prophets; nor the Apostles; nor the Lord Jesus Christ Himself taught this “eternal principle” of a monetary tithe that is taught in pulpits around the world today.
A principle is a tenet, a rule or standard.
The word “eternal” is defined as, “wthout beginning and without ending”
If tithing is an “eternal principle” as so many of these modern preachers claim, then in order for it to be an “eternal principle,” the tithe have no beginning, no ending, and would consistently, and without deviation, have to be of either war spoils only, (Genesis 14:16-20) or of agricultural increase only (Leviticus 27:30-33)
The only tithes mentioned in the Bible are tithes of war spoils and tithes of agricultural products. A monetary income tithe is totally foreign to the word of God.
The fact that once the Law was established, man could no longer tithe war spoils proves that the tithing of war spoils was not “eternal”.
The fact that Malachi 3:7-10 reveals that tithing was an ordinance, and that Ephesians 2:14-15 reveals the ordinances were “abolished” in Christ’s flesh, proves that the tithing of agricultural increase was not “eternal”.
Since a monetary income tithe cannot be found in the word of God, it is clear that it is a fairly new doctrine, and therefore, not an “eternal principle” at all.
Also, the only geographical location that we ever see tithing practiced in the Bible is in that area of the world known as “the Holy Land”…the land of Canaan. (Genesis 14:16-20; Deuteronomy 12:1-11).
If tithing is an “eternal principal” as many modern preachers claim, then since the only place we see tithing done is in the Holy Land, tithes must be restricted to the Holy Land in order for them to be an “eternal principle”.
It is quite clear that this alleged “eternal principle” of tithing being preached to congregations from coast to coast on every continent of the world, doesn’t even agree with what is written in the word of God. It is therefore, a cunning deception invented by man and not an “eternal principle” at all.