Will a Man Bribe God?
by Ronald W Robey

Will a man bribe God? Yet, you have bribed Him.

But you say, “How have we bribed Him?”
With ten percent of your money. You are cursed with a curse because you have bribed Him,… everyone of you. You have attempted to pay God ten percent of your money in order to receive His divine favor and His protection.
Repent of this wickedness you are doing! Jesus Christ already paid for God’s divine favor upon your life. It is because of faith in Jesus Christ that God’s mercies are new every morning,… not because you give ten percent of your money to a religious institution doing business as a “church”.
God is not a mob Boss. He is not a Mafia Don who sends out thugs to collect protection money from people. He does not threaten people with curses if they fail to give them ten percent of their financial income.
Wake up, people! You have allowed ravenous wolves to enter in among you, and they are extorting your money and pointing your to a god that does not have the power to save you. The god these wolves are preaching requires you to tithe your monetary income, while the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, the God that sits upon His throne in the third Heaven,… NEVER spoke such a command from Heaven to any Apostle or Prophet of His.

Monetary tithing is a criminal act against the God of Heaven and against the cross of Christ.