Seeing Things That Are Not There
by Ronald W Robey
When a person begins to see things in the room that are not there, doctors will tell you they are “delusional.”
These delusions are often brought on due to drug and/or alcohol abuse. Other times, it may be what is described as “demon oppression,” or “demon possession.”
This is why my spirit is troubled when I find out that a preacher is “seeing things that are not there.” (it happens more often than people realize) And the sad reality is the preacher’s delusion causes him to put a hypnotic spell on many of the people in his congregation. Under this spell, the congregation members are made to believe that they also see the same delusion that their preacher
They are susceptible to this delusion for one reason,… they fail to properly study the word of God, allowing Scripture to interpret Scripture.
Ultimately, one member of the congregation who has been hypnotized into believing the delusion will feel God is calling him to preach.
And so, he becomes a pastor and begins hypnotizing the congregation he has taken charge of.
It seems to be a never-ending cycle; preacher has delusion, preacher hypnotizes member of congregation, member of congregation becomes preacher, preacher has delusion,… ad nauseum,…
Now, one may ask, what is this “delusion” you speak of in the church? and how can I guard myself against it?
The delusion, dear friends, is the monetary tithe requirement doctrine that is taught in many mainstream denominational religious institutions around the world today,… possibly, in your own.
The monetary tithe requirement is seen in the Bible only by
1. ravenous wolves, and
2. their misguided prey
The best way to guard against the delusion is to be as the Berean’s in Acts 17:11. Whenever a message is preached, take notes on what the preacher is saying. Write down all Scripture references that are given during the message, and any claims made by the preacher that “stand out” in the sermon.
If the preachers says that God requires something of you, write tit down. When you get home after the service, open your Bible and search the Scripture references that were given during the sermon. Read those Scriptures in their proper context. This means reading passages that the Scripture reference is in, and may even required studying entire chapter or entire books to get the complete picture.
Don’t just believe the preacher’s claims,… make sure the Bible says what the preacher claims it says. If it doesn’t say what the preacher says, you are to reject it.
A perfect example of the Bible saying something entirely different than what the preacher says is found in the biblical texts on the topic of tithing, and what the preacher says God’s tithe is.
If you do a search through the entire Bible, (most people have access to an electronic Bible online, so it is easy to research biblical topics and words) you will discover that God NEVER commanded anyone in the Bible to tithe their money to either Tabernacle, Temple, Synagogue or Church.
It’s just not there!
A diligent study will reveal that God’s commanded tithe was to come from agricultural increase from within the land of Canaan only. Pastor’s are handling the word of truth deceitfully, and because they do so, they are seeing a monetary tithe where no monetary tithe is mentioned at all.
And then, they deceive you.
It’s time to break the hypnotic spell that has you believing God requires you to tithe. Arm yourself with the truth.  It’s the best weapon against the hypnotic spell of delusion.  It will prevent you from seeing things that are not there.