Where Is Your Pastor’s Faith?
by Ronald W Robey
Many times, I am asked the question, “If we don’t preach tithing, how will the church continue to operate?” The question is often followed by a statement that is supposed to show that tithing is important.
“We can’t pay the electric bills with cucumbers and cows!”
If people are going to meet in a building, then certainly, money will be needed for the maintenance of the building,… no doubt.
Interestingly, all of the “giving” seen in the post-crucifixion biblical texts clearly show the giving was for people who lacked, not for building maintenance. Of course, in the first century A.D., there were no electric bills, telephone bills, et.al..
My stand, as far as utilities for the building are concerned is, when a bill comes in, tell the congregation how much the bill is. Tell them to consider helping to meet the bill so that the amenities they are enjoying can continue. Assure them that you do not mean to take away from what is needed for their own families, but that, if they have something they can contribute, it will be most appreciated.
Then, exercise faith that God will move in the hearts of His people, and that the spirit of love will prompt them to give something.
Sometimes, I believe that the monetary tithe doctrine shows, and often results in, a lack of faith in God on behalf of the Pastor of the flock. Pastor’s don’t have to trust God to move hearts to give if they know that certain people are already dedicated to yielding to the monetary tithe lie. That money is assured each month.
It is then that the Pastor’s faith is seen in man,… not in God.