The Proof is in the Coin
by Ronald W Robey

A diligent study of all the passages in the Bible where tithes are mentioned will reveal to the reader that monetary tithes were never

a) commanded for,
b) carried to,
c) collected in, or
d) controlled by

either Tabernacle, Temple, Synagogue or Church.

From the time that man was created in the Pentateuch, to the writing of the Revelation of Jesus Christ by John while on the Isle of Patmos, there is not one mention of anyone tithing their monetary wages to the House of God. Nor is there any mention of anyone tithing their monetary income to a representative of God.

That’s right… monetary tithing is totally foreign to the word of God.

Yet, because the people sitting in the pews every Sunday morning do not properly study their Bibles; and because they do not allow the Holy Spirit to guide them as they read their Bibles; they read their Bibles through the tainted lenses of a man-made corrupt religion.

Due to their lack of proper study of the word of God, they allow their corrupt pastors to extort money from their purses and their wallets week in and week out.

Yes, I said they have corrupt pastors. You see, since the monetary tithe requirement doctrine is totally foreign to the word of God, any Pastor that teaches that “God requires you to tithe your monetary wages/income to the Church” is corrupt. He is teaching for doctrine the commandments of men.

Yes, God did command tithes in the word of God. I have never denied that God required tithes in the Bible. However, the tithe that God commanded was agricultural, not monetary. It was the seed of the land; the fruit of the tree; and every tenth animal to pass under the rod, as recorded in Leviticus 27:30-33.

It is easy to see that money was not one of the elements of God’s commanded tithe when we look at the text of Matthew 17:24-27. This is the story of the coin taken from the mouth of a fish. Jesus told His Apostles to “pay the Tribute” with the coin.

The Tribute was a tax levied upon the children of Israel and governed by Rome. The children of Israel were required to pay taxes to the Roman Government, much like we are required to pay our government’s taxes today.

Jesus and His band of Apostles apparently had no money to pay the required Roman Tribute. Jesus tells the Apostles to go fishing and the fish that they would catch would have the needed money for the required Tribute.

That coin, once taken from the mouth of the fish, was monetary increase for Jesus and His Apostles. And yet, Jesus did not tell His Apostles to take the coin to the Temple and tithe it. No, He told them to give it to the Roman Government as Tribute.

They did not tithe the coin… proving that money was not a titheable element of the land of Canaan/Israel. Money was taxable, but it was not titheable.

And yet, because people do not allow the Holy Spirit to speak to them through the written word of God, they fail to see that Matthew 17:24-27 proves that God never required money as tithe in His holy word.