Is the Wolf Preying Upon You?
by Ronald W Robey
If your Pastor is using the Bible to teach you that you are required to give ten percent of your monetary income/earned wages to the religious institution you attend… your Pastor is abusing the word of God, and is revealing himself to be an extortioner who is attempting to steal your money through lies and deceit.
In Matthew 7:15, our Lord Jesus Christ told His Apostles to “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.”
The word “ravening” is translated from the Greek “harpax”. (pronounced “har-pox”) It means, “preying with rapacity.” Rapacity is extortion.
Jesus was warning His Apostles to beware of extortioners. That warning is needed today, just as much as it was in the first century AD. There are many “ravening wolves” in religious institutions around the world today. And the saved in Christ should beware of them.
God’s commanded tithe was not money…it was agricultural crops, flocks, and herds.  Also, God does not require tithes all over the world… He required tithes only of the citizens of the land of Canaan.
God never authorized your Pastor to teach a monetary tithe requirement to his congregation. When he preaches that you are required to tithe your monetary income/earned wages, he exposes himself as a liar.
Nor did God authorize your Pastor to take ten percent of your weekly wages/earned income from you. When he takes ten percent of your monetary income/earned wages as a “required tithe,” he is exposing himself to be a ravening wolf…an extortioner.
Wake up sheep… don’t fall prey to the wolf.