Take Off Those Glasses!
by Ronald W Robey

How pastors want their congregations to view Matthew 23:23…


for some strange reason, pastors teach Matthew 23:23 to say, “you ought to tithe”.

They do not want their congregations to focus on the rest of the verse, which says…

a) who Jesus was speaking to, “SCRIBES AND PHARISEES”

b) what was being tithed, “MINT AND ANISE AND CUMMIN”

c) what Jesus said should have been tithed, “THESE, REFERRING TO THE MINT AND ANISE AND CUMMIN”

d) that tithing is a “LESS WEIGHTY MATTER OF THE LAW”

The reason that so many only see the command to tithe in Matthew 23:23, and not who was being told to tithe, nor what they were being told to tithe…is because they are reading the verse through the tainted lens of religiosity, and not by the Spirit of Truth.

Sadly, we can point out the words “scribes and Pharisees”; we can point out the words “mint and anise and cummin”; we can point out the words “matters of the Law”…even capitalizing the words as I did above, and they still will not understand the verse because they refuse to take those tainted lenses of religiosity off.