“Read Matthew 23:23”
by Ronald W Robey

Many times when revealing what God said about tithes in the Bible, someone will tell me to “Read Matthew 23:23” I can assure you that I have indeed read Matthew 23:23 many times…and taught the truths it conveys to others as well.

Here are a few of the truths found in Matthew 23:23 that many people either intentionally or unintentionally overlook…

1. Jesus was speaking to scribes and Pharisees who were citizens of the land of Canaan.

2. Jesus was speaking to scribes and Pharisees who were under the jurisdiction of the Mosaic Law.

3. The tithe Jesus said they were observing was agricultural…not monetary.

4. Jesus identified tithing as a matter of the Law

5. By tithing agricultural products, the scribes and Pharisees were observing the Tithe ordinance.

6. Jesus revealed that judgment, mercy and faith are more important than tithing.

7. The Pharisees were neglecting weightier matters of the Law.

8. The Pharisees were neglecting judgment, mercy, and faith.

9. Jesus did not say money is to be tithed.

Since Jesus identified tithing as a matter of the Law, it is imperative to look into the Books of the Law in order to ascertain exactly what God said concerning the elements of God’s tithe.

Of the forty-four (44) references to tithe found in the Bible, only thirty-six (36) speak of God’s commanded tithe. Only fourteen (14) of the thirty-six verses where God’s commanded tithe is seen mention the elements of God’s commanded tithe. Those fourteen (14) verses reveal God’s commanded tithe to be agricultural…not monetary.

God’s commanded tithe is

a) seed of the land. (Le. 27:30)
b) fruit of the tree. (Le. 27:30)
c) every tenth animal to pass under the rod. (Le 27:32)
d) corn. (De. 12:17)
e) wine. (De. 12:17)
f) oil. (De. 12:17)
g) seed. (De. 14:22)
h) corn. (De. 14:23)
i) wine. (De.14:23)
j) oil. (De.14:23)
k) oxen. (De. 14:26)
l) sheep. (De. 14:26)
m) wine. (De. 14:26)
n) strong drink. (De. 14:26)
o) oxen. (2 Ch. 31:6)
p) sheep. (2 Ch. 31:6)
q) tithes of our ground. (Ne. 10:37)
r) tithes out of the fields. (Ne. 12:44)
s) corn. (Ne. 13:5)
t) wine. (Ne. 13:5)
u) oil. (Ne. 13:5)
v) corn. (Ne. 13:12)
w) wine. (Ne. 13:12)
x) oil. (Ne. 13:12)
y) food. (Mal. 3:10)
z) mint. (Matt. 23:23)
aa) anise. (Matt. 23:23)
ab) cummin. (Matt. 23:23)
ac) mint. (Lu. 11:42)
ad) rue. (Lu. 11:42)
ae) herbs. (Lu. 11:42)

Money is never required to be tithed to the House of God in the entire Bible.

Given the Scriptures that define the elements of God’s commanded tithe, it is blatantly obvious that Pastors who teach a monetary tithe requirement using Matthew 23:23 are guilty of misrepresentation of Scripture and teaching false doctrine.