Obey God? or Man?
by Ronald W Robey

I’m all for obeying God. One of the greatest acts of obedience I did was to answer the call to enter into the Gospel Ministry in 1984.

But, even though I have studied the Scriptures extensively; even though I have been preaching for more than three decades; I have yet to find a single verse that says the saved in Christ are required to tithe their money.

There are only forty-four verses in the entire Bible that mention tithes or the act of tithing. Of those forty-four verses, only thirty-six verses are speaking of God’s commanded tithe. Of those thirty-six verses, only fourteen verses mention the elements of God’s commanded tithe. Of those fourteen verses that mention the elements of God’s commanded tithe, not one says that money is to be tithed to the House of God.

This is why I don’t understand why people get upset when I tell them that I haven’t, and won’t preach a monetary tithe requirement for more than thirty years now. That’s why I refuse to yield to sermons in which the speaker states, “God says ten percent of your money belongs to Him, and if you don’t give it to Him you are robbing Him!”

For the record, the first nine years of my Christian walk, I was a tither. Simply because I never took time to study my Bible in-depth, but took what was preached to me from the pulpit as fact. Once I opened the Bible and began to do serious study, I realized I had been lied to about what God’s commanded tithe is.

Each time I placed ten percent of my paycheck into an envelope labelled “TITHES”, I had not been obeying God…I had been obeying men who had deceived me into believing that I was obeying God.

No longer bound by the chains of religious lies, I now give when I see and need and am able to give towards meeting that need. Now, I am obeying God.