by Ronald W Robey
What does it mean when one preaches that we are to “walk in holiness?
Preachers, both Pentecostal and non Pentecostal, insist that “without holiness, we cannot see God”. (Heb. 12:14) And that statement is one hundred percent biblically correct.
The word “holiness” in Hebrews 12:14 is translated from the Greek “hagiasmos”. (pronounced “hag-ee-as-mos” It means “purity; sanctification”.
Sadly, many of those same preachers who tell you that you should “walk in holiness,” will also teach you that God requires ten percent of your monetary income/wages be given to the local church you attend and/or are a member of.
And yet, if you search diligently through the word of God, you will discover that of the forty-four (44) verses that refer to tithe found in the Bible, only thirty-six (36) speak of God’s commanded tithe. Only fourteen (14) of those thirty-six verses mention the elements of God’s commanded tithe. Those fourteen (14) verses reveal God’s commanded tithe to be agricultural…not monetary.
God’s commanded tithe is
a) seed of the land. (Le. 27:30)
b) fruit of the tree. (Le. 27:30)
c) every tenth animal to pass under the rod. (Le 27:32)
d) corn. (De. 12:17)
e) wine. (De. 12:17)
f) oil. (De. 12:17)
g) seed. (De. 14:22)
h) corn. (De. 14:23)
i) wine. (De.14:23)
j) oil. (De.14:23)
k) oxen. (De. 14:26)
l) sheep. (De. 14:26)
m) wine. (De. 14:26)
n) strong drink. (De. 14:26)
o) oxen. (2 Ch. 31:6)
p) sheep. (2 Ch. 31:6)
q) tithes of our ground. (Ne. 10:37)
r) tithes out of the fields. (Ne. 12:44)
s) corn. (Ne. 13:5)
t) wine. (Ne. 13:5)
u) oil. (Ne. 13:5)
v) corn. (Ne. 13:12)
w) wine. (Ne. 13:12)
x) oil. (Ne. 13:12)
y) food. (Mal. 3:10)
z) mint. (Matt. 23:23)
aa) anise. (Matt. 23:23)
ab) cummin. (Matt. 23:23)
ac) mint. (Lu. 11:42)
ad) rue. (Lu. 11:42)
ae) herbs. (Lu. 11:42)
Amos 3:3 asks the question, “Can two walk together, except they be agreed?” Can one walk in holiness while at the same time using a lying tongue? If not, then preachers have no business teaching a monetary tithe requirement doctrine while preaching a pure and sanctified walk before God and man.
The two doctrines are not compatible with one another..