Mission Impossible
by Ronald W Robey
(written November 29, 2018)
Good Morning Church,
Many Christians worldwide are living in poverty because of sermons being preached in religious institutions that tell them if they fail to give God ten percent of their monies to the Church, they are guilty of robbing God. We need to either confirm, or disprove the claim made by these leaders.
In Acts 17:11, the physician Luke relates how the men of Berea were deemed to be more noble than the men of Thessalonica because they didn’t just take word preached as being truth. Instead, they searched the Scriptures to make sure what was being taught them was indeed what the Scriptures say.
Your mission saints, should you choose to accept it, is to imitate the men of Berea by searching the Scriptures in order to discover if God requires tithes today. If God does require tithes today, we need you to discover why He requires tithes, what those tithes are to consist of, where those tithes are to be stored if they are required, who God requires to tithe, who has the authority to receive the tithes, and when those tithes are to be given…or paid, as the church leaders say.
If God does require tithes, you will find all the instructions concerning the why, what, where, who, and when in His instruction manual…the Bible.
As always, should you or any of your team be persecuted by the leaders of the church or by any church members for any truth you discover that proves the church leaders to be deceiving and extorting money from these impoverished Christians, God will be on your side despite the actions of those leaders.
May you be seen as a noble Church.