The Best Teacher
by Ronald W Robey
(written January 09, 2018)

I have often heard the phrase, “Experience is the best teacher”.

And for many years, I believed it. After all, who is best qualified to instruct a person in job skills than one who is skilled at that job? If you want to learn all about firefighting, you would not go to an English Teacher who’d never fought a fire in his life. You would go to a fireman. And since you want to learn all about firefighting, you would probably seek out the most experienced of firefighters you could find.

However, even professionals tend to make mistakes in their own fields Many who make mistakes, learn from those mistakes and move on. Many, are greatly injured or even killed because of mistakes they have made.

One mistake can greatly affect others. For instance, a great mistake in the early 20th Century caused the deaths of more than 1500 people. I am speaking of the tragedy that occurred with the Titanic.

Many who identify as “Christian” today believe that, “Experience is the best teacher”. They base this assumption on the fact that they have been “tithing” their monetary income for years, and they’ve always been able to pay off any and all financial obligations on time, every time.

“It has always worked for me. I tithe; God opens the windows of Heaven,” seems to be their unified cry. Experience, to them, is their teacher. However, their “experience” is not the best teacher. Nor is it a reliable teacher.

Why not? Because the heart is deceitful and desperately wicked. There is a way that seems right to us, but the ends thereof are the ways of death. We cannot trust our own hearts.

Many base experience of having a money supply as being proof that tithing money is right. They say Malachi 3 is proven by their experience of always having money when they need it, or God sending unexpected money when they need it. However, Malachi 3 was not speaking of a tithe of money. He was speaking of the tithe according to the Law.

Had Malachi called for monetary tithes, he would have been calling for transgression of the Law. No, my friend, Malachi was speaking of agricultural tithes in chapter three, not money.

And the blessing attached was speaking of rain from heaven to water the gardens so that food would grow. The rain would bring a harvest of fruit and vegetables so large that the barns would not be big enough to contain them all.

Malachi’s promise was not for enough money to pay bills. It was for more agricultural crops than the barns could hold. Their experience contradicts what the word of God clearly states, and that is why experience is not “the best teacher”.

One thing to consider… the enemy of our souls will often reward people for listening to and yielding to his lies.

Remember the story of Jesus and the Temptations He faced in the wilderness? Satan told Jesus he could give Him the wealth and prosperity of the world. Had Jesus believed satan; had He bowed to satan; there is no doubt in my mind that satan could have given Him great riches and prosperity.

But Jesus knew who satan was. He used the word of God to defeat satan. Jesus said, “It is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and Him alone shalt thou serve.”

Today, many pastor’s flash pictures of wealth and prosperity before the eyes of their flocks. They handle the word of God deceitfully; telling the flocks, “If you tithe, God is going to bless your finances, your home, your health, and the work of your hands. If you fail to tithe, God will allow the devourer to ruin your finances, your home, your health and the work of your hands.”

Pastors may be experienced in teaching from the Bible. However, when they teach the monetary tithe requirement, as experienced as they may be, they err greatly. They are going outside of their field of expertise; whether knowingly or unknowingly.
And their error affects others.

They have many in their congregations believing their “twist” on Malachi 3:8-12 so much that they don’t see that God’s promise was not money here and money there… it was for an abundance of agricultural crops so big that the barn could not contain it all.

Because they fail to study their Bibles, they foolishly believe the lie that they are told. Their “experience” of a little money here and there blinds their hearts and eyes to what is actually going on. They are not walking in truth, but in a lie.

Experience is not the best teacher… the word of God is.