Who Invented the “Principle” of Tithing?
by Ronald W Robey
(written February 05, 2019)

Who made Abram’s tithe a “principle”?

And, have they truly made Abram’s tithe a principle? Or, have they invented principle that has nothing to do with Abram’s tithe?

1. Abram tithed war spoils, not his monetary income. Nor did Abram tithe his employment wages.
2. Abram gave tithes to a king of an earthly kingdom.
3. Abram is only recorded as having tithed one time in his lifetime.

Contrast that with the alleged “principle” that is taught today…

a) Christians are told to tithe their money
b) Christians are told to tithe to their local church
c) Christians are told to tithe paychecks; Social Security Benefits; inheritances, etc. for the rest of their lives.

When comparing today’s “tithe principle” with the tithe given by Abram, it is clear that the two are not the same.

So, the question remains, “Who invented the “Principle” of tithing?”…

…and, “Why?”