Selfish Representatives
by Ronald W Robey
(written May 30, 2019)

In the Bible, one hundred percent of God’s commanded tithe was meant to be natural food to sustain

a) bloodline descendants of Levi
b) widows
c) orphans
d) foreigners.

What percentage of the tithes that are being collected in religious institutions around the world today are actually going to feed bloodline descendants of Levi, widows, orphans, and foreigners?

Most pastors will admit that they use the tithes they collect for purposes other than what God’s word says it is to be used for. To clarify, they may tell you what the tithes they collect are used for, but they will not tell you that the Bible never authorized them to use tithes for the purpose that they use them. They will tell you that the majority of the tithes they collect

a) pay church staff salaries
b) pay church utility bills
c) pay for teaching materials
d) pay for equipment
e) maintenance of church grounds and property

A very small percentage of tithes (if any at all) pastors collect from their congregations actually reach the tables of bloodline descendants of Levi, widows, orphans, or foreigners.

Churches claim to be representing God when collecting tithes, yet don’t represent God at all in the collection of tithes. (else they would be collecting agricultural tithes and not money) Nor are they representing God in the distribution of tithes collected. Their idea of “distribution” is “keeping church doors open and salaries. In other words, tithes collected in these religious institutions are dedicated to self-interest, when God’s idea of distribution of tithes was to feed bloodline descendants of Levi, to feed widows, to feed orphans, and to feed foreigners. God’s purpose of tithing was to teach selflessness, not selfishness.

Pastors like to think they are “representatives of God’s tithe,” but they clearly are not representatives at all.