Was Jesus Withholding Truth?
by Ronald W Robey
(written February 16, 2020)

If God requires tithes of man’s monetary gain, please explain why it is that not one person in the entire Bible was told by either God, Jesus Christ, the prophets, or the apostles to tithe their monetary gain?

Why is it that, when the apostles gained a coin from catching a fish, (Matthew 17:24-27) they gave the coin to Tax Collectors in Capernaum instead of taking a tenth of the coin to Jerusalem? (God required the children of Israel to take their tithes to Jerusalem)

Why is it that, when the apostles sold their possessions, (Luke 12:33) they gave the money to the poor as alms instead of taking a portion of the money to Jerusalem as tithe?

Why is it that Jesus told them to sell a garment and use the money gained to purchase a sword? (Luke 22:36) instead of giving a tenth of the proceeds as tithe?

If God requires man to tithe his monetary gain, Jesus sure was slack in informing or instructing his apostles correctly in the matter. Was Jesus withholding truth from the apostles?