They Ignore God
by Ronald W Robey
(written February 28, 2020)

It is sad to see that so many in mainstream religion claim to love God, but do not allow God to speak His mind in the matter of tithing anymore. When it comes to God’s word on tithing, God’s word is meaningless to them.

1. God said His tithe is to be agricultural. They insist it is to be money.

2. God said tithes are to be observed only after moving into the land of Canaan to live there. They insist it is to be observed in their own town that is not in the land of Canaan.

3. God said tithes are to be taken to Jerusalem and given to Levites. They insist tithes only belong in the local church, which is not in Jerusalem.

4. God said to take tithes to Jerusalem and eat it with your family. They insist that you are not to eat tithes.

5. God said to give tithes to Levites, widows, orphans, and foreigners every third year. They insist that the tithe belongs in their local church.

6. God said the congregation is not to approach the House of God with their tithes. They insist that the congregation is to bring their tithes to the House of God.

If they claim to love God so much, why do they reject His word?