No Better
by Ronald W Robey
(written July 27, 2021)

Argument: “The church cannot be funded properly if we do not obey the Spirit of God and give our tithes. It is our tithes that fund the operations of His Kingdom.

Rebuttal: The Bible says that God’s commanded tithe is to be

a) seed of the land. (Le. 27:30)
b) fruit of the tree. (Le. 27:30)
c) every tenth animal to pass under the rod. (Le 27:32)
d) corn. (De. 12:17)
e) wine. (De. 12:17)
f) oil. (De. 12:17)
g) seed. (De. 14:22)
h) corn. (De. 14:23)
i) wine. (De.14:23)
j) oil. (De.14:23)
k) oxen. (De. 14:26)
l) sheep. (De. 14:26)
m) wine. (De. 14:26)
n) strong drink. (De. 14:26)

Holy men of old wrote these things under inspiration of the Holy Spirit. So I highly doubt that the Holy Spirit is going to tell anyone, “No…that’s not right. God did not require tithes of seed of the land; fruit of the tree; every tenth animal to pass under the rod; oil, wine, strong drink…God required tithes of money…and requires tithes of your money today.”

I’ll continue to preach what is written in God’s word concerning His required tithes. If I’m wrong, then God’s word is also wrong.

If God’s Kingdom must be funded through doctrines that contradict the Bible, then God’s Kingdom is no better than Satan’s Kingdom.