Thy Kingdom Come
by Ronald W Robey
(written November 09, 2021)

When teaching the apostles how to pray, Jesus said in Matthew 6:10, “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done in Earth as [it is] in Heaven.”

Notice Jesus said, “Thy Kingdom come.” This tells us God’s Kingdom is not on Earth, but prayers should be such that God’s Kingdom comes to the Earth.

This begs the question…

How can your monetary tithe be “financing God’s Kingdom” when God’s Kingdom isn’t even here yet?

The truth is, it isn’t financing God’s Kingdom at all. It’s financing a corrupt religious system. God’s Kingdom will not see one iota of that money that pastors, through deceit, have convinced you is “financing God’s Kingdom.”

God never commanded anyone in the Bible to give Him monetary tithes. (much less to finance His Kingdom through monetary tithes) So, yes, if you are yielding to the monetary tithe requirement lie…

…you are financing a corrupt religious system, not God’s Kingdom.

Even if God’s Kingdom were on this Earth today, God is not in a lie. Nor is His Kingdom financed by lies. The kingdom that is financed through lies will one day fall when God’s Kingdom does come to this Earth.

If your pastor is calling for monetary tithes in order to “finance God’s Kingdom on Earth”…


He is wanting that money for his own corrupt empire, not for God’s Kingdom.