2° Off Course
by Ronald W Robey
(written December 12, 2021)

People don’t like me exposing their tithe lie. They want me to “switch lanes.” Even if I did switch lanes, they still wouldn’t be happy unless I was in their lane and going the same direction as they are…

…2° off course.

Try walking down the road, but not straight down the road. Angle yourself a couple degrees to the left or to the right and then begin walking a straight line. You’ll eventually be off the road completely and in someone else’s yard.
Now picture that same road as God’s path and the yard as the devil’s playground.

Then you will understand why I won’t play your “embrace the lie and go with the flow” game. As long as there are people walking 2° off course, there is a need for someone to remain on course and to point them in the right direction.