Stop Tithing, Start Studying
by Ronald W Robey
(written January 17, 2022)

While there is an ordinance of tithing in the Bible, no one today is obeying the commands that are written in that ordinance. And because they are not, (though they may be attempting to obey the ordinance of tithing) they are guilty of not tithing at all. (see James 2:10)

This means that, though you may be sliding ten percent of your monetary income in that tithe envelope (thereby transgressing the ordinance that says God’s tithe is to be agricultural crops, flocks, and herds; Leviticus 27:30,32) and dropping it in the church collection plate (thereby transgressing the command that the congregation is not to go near the House of God with their tithes; Numbers 18:21-24; reaffirmed in Nehemiah 10:29,37-38)…

…you are doing so in vain.

God doesn’t recognize it as His tithe, for it is

a) not what God said His tithe is to consist of
b) not being given to whom God said tithes are to be given
c) not being given where God said His tithes are to be given

Maybe it’s time you stop attempting to tithe and start studying what God said concerning the observance of His tithe.