In the Middle Tennessee Baptist church, the monetary tithe requirement doctrine is less than 100 years old.

White Oak Grove Baptist Church wrote the following to Minister John Harvey Grime in 1934,…

“But as to the method of execution, we do not endorse the tithe system for the following reasons:

1. It violates the divine plan laid down in the New Testament Scriptures.

2. It violates every principle of Church polity upon which all our churches stand.

3. If the Scriptures require our churches to tithe, we have not a single Scriptural church in our association.

4. It changes our giving from the realm of voluntary worship to that of slavish obedience to Law.

5. It makes our churches tax gatherers.

6. No Baptist Church has ever adopted it. Should a church adopt it, they would cease to be Baptist.

7. So far as History goes, it was never mentioned as a Christian or Church obligation until after the “great apostasy” in 250 A.D., and then only by the apostate church, and not by Baptists. The agitation among Baptists, of this question, is of recent date.

8. No Baptist Confession of Faith has ever mentioned it.

9. It screens the rich, and oppresses the poor.

10. Not one syllable in all the Bible that connects the tithe system with the churches of Jesus Christ. When Baptists leave the Bible, they get into trouble.”

as recorded by John Harvey Grime in his book, “The Bible and History on the Tithe System”, p.4; ©1934