My answer to the seeming “carry-over” into the New Testament of nine of the original ten commandments written in the Old:

I call this “Obey the Law of the Land in Which You Live”

The Word of God assures us that we do not have to keep the Mosaic Law. (this would include the original 10 Commandments written by the finger of God, along with the remaining 603 Commandments given to Moses for the children of Israel at a later date) It was for Israel alone. (see Psalm 147:19-20 )

While some things in the Law seem to be repeated in the Pauline epistles, that does not mean we are to keep the Mosaic Law. That which is written in the epistles is in a completely different jurisdiction.

Let me give you an example. I was born in Tripoli, Libya, North Africa. There were laws there that my parents had to observe. When mother moved after my dad’s death, the laws of Tripoli did not follow her. We moved to an entirely new jurisdiction. If I stole something here, I would not be tried by the laws of Tripoli. I would, instead, be charged under the laws governing the geographical location in which I live.

Now, as long as I remain where I am, I will not be required to live by the Laws of Tripoli. However, if I should happen to move back to Tripoli, I will be subject to the laws of that geographical location. I will be in that jurisdiction.

It is the same regarding those ordinances of the Old Testament. If I choose to abide in the House of the Law, I am subject to, not just any law I choose to my liking, but to all the laws set forth for the residents thereof. If i choose to obey the tithe command, I must obey all other commands legislated for the citizens of that jurisdiction. This would include animal sacrifices, stoning of disobedient children, not wearing garments that have two different fabrics in the weave, a battlement on my roof, etc..

James said in Acts 21 that there is no command given for Gentiles to keep the Mosaic Law. Paul said in Romans 6 that we are not under the Law, but under Grace.

Paul further said in Romans 7 that it is comparable to adultery to go to the house of the Law when one is married to Jesus Christ. The Bible identifies the Church, (the Body of Beleivers) as the Bride of Christ. Galatians 3 states that it is foolish to subject ourselves to the Mosaic Law; for, when we do, we place ourselves under the curses associated with the Mosaic Law if we fail to keep the Law in its entirety.

Over and over, in more than the above examples, we are shown that we are not to go under that old system. Best to focus on Christ, and His finished Work and leave the Law for those who oppose Christ. The Law will be their judge, for they choose to live under its jurisdiction instead of under the merciful Grace of the Redeemer.