Did Jesus Oppose God’s Decree?
by Ronald W Robey
The money from the mouth of the fish in Matthew 17…what did Jesus say to do with it?
He told the Apostles to give it to those who were collecting the Roman Taxes.
Now, it is clear that, before getting that coin from the mouth of the fish, Jesus and His Apostles were flat broke…as far as money was concerned.
They gain the coin by extracting it from the fish’ mouth. Interestingly, their monetary gain was not taken to the Levites as tithe…instead, it was given to the Roman government.
Matthew 17 reveals to us that, contrary to what many Pastors have brainwashed their flocks into believing…God did not require money to be tithed.
If He did require money to be tithed, then Jesus sinned against His father in telling the Apostles to give it to the Tax Collectors instead of to the Levites.
And in Luke 22:36? Sell a garment and tithe the money to the Levites? Absolutely NOT!…Use that money to purchase a sword.
The Bible is clear…money was not to be tithed. Agricultural increase was the tithe that God demanded.