Bold Proclaimer Ministries is the personal weblog  of Ronald W. Robey.


Ronald W. Robey was saved when he trusted Jesus Christ as His Lord and Saviour in a jail cell 1979.  Continuing in the faith, Ronald studied diligently the Word of God at New Life Tabernacle in Manassas VA, where after being proven, he was ordained into the Gospel ministry in the fall of 1988.

Ronald preaches Salvation by Grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

4 Responses to “About Bold Proclaimer Ministries”

  1. It’s unfortunate that even though I “”””””’KNOW!!!!””!!!!””!!!!”'” GOD’S TRUTH is undeniable when it comes to THE IMPORTANCE OF FELLOWSHIPPING WITH BROTHERS AND SISTERS WITHIN THE HOLY SPIRIT FAMILY; as I “”””””’SEE!!!!””!!!!””!!!!”'” more and more Tony Robbins churches popping up (churches which teach on the power of positive thinking – like Joel Osteen’s), more and more churches choosing to be placing confessing unrepentant homosexuals and lesbians behind the pulpit as Bishops to GOD ALMIGHTY (like Episcopalian churches are choosing to be doing; as I hear Mormon churches are contemplating doing the same thing): unless you can recommend a local church to souls who have no source of transportation, and have no money for bus riding; finding a church which “”””””’TEACHES!!!!””!!!!””!!!!”'” Sound Doctrine is becoming more of a difficulty.

    The only thing I can suggest is have souls who have transportation travel to the residences of the financially indigent to hold free Bible Studies “”””””’TO GOD’S GLORY!!!!””!!!!””!!!!”'”; and, “”””””’HOPEFULLY!!!!””!!!!””!!!!”'”, free water Baptisms at the church of the souls who would be willing to do the travelling.


  2. studygirl Says:

    Ron – Did you have an exegesis of Hebrews 7 & 8 on your facebook group, Bible Untwisted somewhere? If you do, could you copy and paste it in your boldproclaimers blog? that verse is still somewhat convoluded to me. Thank you.


    1. Hi studygirl,

      Thanks for the question. Several of my articles mention Hebrews 7:8 in them.

      A short reply, verse 8 is should be read in context with Hebrews 7:5. When read in context, it is clear that the “men that die” in verse 8 is referring to those who have the commandment to take tithes in verse 5, the sons of Levi.

      The year was AD 66, and the Temple in Jerusalem was still standing. The Psalms tell us that God gave His commandments to Israel and He did not give them to any other nation. (147:19-20)

      Acts 15 & Acts 21 tell us that the Apostles and the Holy Ghost had determined that the Gentile Believers were not required to keep the Mosaic Law.

      Since the tithe command is found only in relation to Israel throughout all other Scriptures, and not one passage in the New Covenant states that tithes are for the Gentile Believers, we can come to no other conclusion than that stated above.

      That being, verse 8 of Hebrews 7 is speaking of the Levites having the command to take tithes of their brethren as revealed in verse 5 of the same chapter.

      Hope that helps clear things up!

      God bles!

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  3. studygirl Says:

    Yes that helps. Thank you very much. I will look for your other articles on those chapters as well.


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