The Box
by Ronald W Robey

I recently watched a YouTube™ video in which a little girl, eight years old, carried a box to a table, put the box on the table, and then asked a grown man to pick up the box.

When it was evident that the man was unable to pick up the box, she suggested that another grown man help him to pick up the box. And yet, with their combined strength, the two grown men could not even move the box an inch.

She then had them sit back in their seats. She reached into the box and pulled out a deck of playing cards. Then, she picked up the box and set it on the floor.

What a perfect illustration of the seal of the Holy Spirit! When one comes to faith in Christ Jesus, God seals that one with the Holy Spirit. The Bible assures us that that seal will remain until the day of the redemption of the purchased possession…the body of Believers known as and collectively referred to as…the Church.

God has sealed the Believer with the Holy Spirit, and no matter how much one tries, that seal will never be broken before the redemption of the body of Believers from the Earth.

Saved, Sure, and Secure in Christ Jesus!