Free Will, or Puppetry?
by Ronald W Robey

Over the years, I have heard many arguments in defense of the monetary tithe requirement Law. One such argument is that Abraham tithed of his own free will, and that Christians should be allowed to tithe of their own free will also.
But are they truly tithing of their own free will? Or is something more nefarious going on?

The problem is not that people are exercising free will. We all should exercise free will in our contributions toward necessities within the Body of Believers in Christ Jesus.
The problem is the fact that pastors lie to their congregations about

a) who God required to tithe.

God said that the command to tithe was given solely to those who would become citizens of the land of Canaan. (Leviticus 27:30-34; Psalms 147:19-20; Acts 15:24)

Many Pastors teach that God expects Christians all over the world to tithe.

b) what God said that His tithe was to consist of.

God said that His tithe is to consist of agriculture and agricultural food by-products. (Leviticus 27:30,32; Deuteronomy 12:6;14:22-23,26)

Many Pastors teach that God’s tithe is to be money.

c) who God said that tithes were to be given to.

God said that tithes are to be given to the Levitic tribe in Canaan, to widows in Canaan, to the fatherless in Canaan, and to foreigners in Canaan. (Numbers 18:21-26; Deuteronomy 14:27-29;26:12)

Many Pastors teach that tithes are to be given to deacons or ushers in the local church to be put in the church bank account.

d) who God said was required to tithe to the House of God.

God said that the congregation could not even approach the House of God. (Numbers 18:21-23) God said only the Levitic tribe could take tithes to the House of God. (Numbers 18:24-31; Nehemiah 10:29,37-38)

Many Pastors teach that the congregation is required to bring their tithes to the House of God.

e) where God said the congregation is to take their tithes.

God said that the congregation was to take its tithes to Jerusalem. (Deuteronomy 12:10-11; 2 Chronicles 6:5-6)

Many Pastors teach that the congregation is to bring their tithes to the church they are members of in cities all over the world.

When comparing what many pastors teach in religious institutions around the world today with what is written in the pages of the Bible, it is abundantly clear that in the matter of tithing many pastors preach their own opinions and not the word of God. This begs the question…

Are members of the congregation truly exercising their free will, when they are actually yielding to lies they hear from the pulpit?

I do not believe they are. They are instead yielding their will to their pastor, who has bewitched them into believing the lie of the monetary tithe requirement. They have become their Pastor’s puppets, yielding to the Pastor’s will and not to God’s word.

Jeremiah 17:5 Thus saith the LORD; Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the LORD.